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Caltrans District Headquarters

Los Angeles, CA
Clark Construction
Morphosis Architects, Gruen Associates
  • New Construction
  • Office
  • Public Works
  • Design Assist
  • Swisspearl Fiber Reinforced Panels & Rain Screen System
1.2M sq. ft.

Located at First and Main Street in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the 1.2 million square foot complex is comprised of a 13-story tower with 756,000 square feet of office space with four levels of subterranean parking for 1,142 cars.

The building serves as a home to both the California Department of Transportation’s District 7 and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Support facilities include a cafeteria, child day care center, wellness center and a credit union.

As the largest project to be undertaken under the State’s Excellence in Public Building Program, the design features a number of components not usually associated with government spaces, including an operable exterior scrim wall, skip/stop elevator system, a four-story high exterior integrated neon art sculpture, and a building integrated photovoltaic system.