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Premier Automotive Group

Irvine, California
Koll Construction
LPA Architects
  • Office (Core & Shell and Tenant Improvement)
  • Acoustical Ceilings
  • Acoustical Wall Panels
  • Cement Plaster
  • Cementitious Spray Applied Fireproofing
  • Design Assist
  • Drywall Systems
  • EIFS
  • Eurospan Ceiling Systems
  • Exterior and Interior Metal Framing
  • Insulation
  • Intumescent Spray Applied Fireproofing
  • Metal Perforated Ceilings
  • Mineral Fiber Spray Applied Fireproofing
378,000 sq. ft.

The Premier Automotive Group project, located in the existing campus of the Irvine Spectrum, included a product development wing, conference center, vehicle display area, fitness center, and cafeteria; being able to house around 800 people.

Raymond’s scope of work began with the core and shell portion of the project, which consisted of spray applied fireproofing for both cementitious and mineral fiber products as well as intumescent fireproofing of the lower level structural areas. The design-assist framing included free-standing, 27 foot high, double framed walls with plaster finishes, framing for exterior metal panels, interior partitions and soffits, as well as raised structural floor framing throughout the central cores of each floor. The tenant improvement portion was issued near the completion of the interior design phase and included all wall and ceiling systems including specialty acoustical treatments.

The interior involved state of the art tenant improvement work completed on a floor by floor themed approach, highlighting the distinct brand of each product line. Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin, and Lincoln-Mercury maintained an individual design and finish specification that resulted in a vast list of specialty products and finishes.