The Art of the Motorcycle

Las Vegas, Nevada
Taylor International Corporation
TSA of Nevada, Inc.
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“The Art of the Motorcycle,” an installation designed by Frank Gehry, explored the motorcycle as both a cultural icon and a design achievement. Gehry also designed the installation of “The Art of the Motorcycle” when it was on view at the Guggenheim museums in New York and Bilbao.

Gehry’s building-within-a-building features enormous curved, polished stainless steel architectural structures, towering chain link curtains, glass floors and partitions, large scale graphics, and a massive glass box coated with an iridescent film. At certain angles this box appears opaque, with moving images of motorcycles projected onto the surface, and from other vantage points the box is clear, revealing the motorcycles within.

With more than 120 motorcycles on display, the exhibition chronicles the most compelling moments in motorcycle design and technology; exploring the motorcycle as a quintessential symbol of modern age. The hundred or so examples in the show range across more than a century and include the most innovative and beautiful, mint-condition vehicles imaginable. The 60 foot high and 120 foot wide Guggenheim Media Wall is divided into segments each displaying different manifestations of the motorcycle as seen in moving images.