The Raymond Group brings the best talent to the job. Our project managers, project engineers, and project coordinators design, plan, implement and manage every aspect of a project.  At the job site, our project superintendents and foremen provide the daily safety, quality and productivity coordination that ensures the job gets done safely and efficiently.  Finally, our regional labor force, craft people and artisans in their respective skills, build and finish each detail of the complex and often challenging interior and exterior jobs.  We invite the best of the best to wear our colors and join us at the Raymond Group.

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“I think the thing I love most about The Raymond Group is the people I work with. I recently got married and the love and support I felt from my coworkers was incredible. I am thankful to work for a company where the employees truly care about each other.

- Kim Whitney, Communications Manager

To be considered for Field/Trade job opportunities that become available weekly, please visit the Raymond Field Job Website. Those who submit their interest and availability via this website on a weekly basis will be considered first by the superintendents for positions that open for current projects. The applicants must be qualified and possess the proper current certifications for the position needed on the project. Applicants will need to submit their information weekly in order to be considered for that week’s available work.


At The Raymond Group, we are continuously interested in hiring and retaining talented and motivated people. We offer excellent compensation and an exceptional benefits package. We are an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer committed to workforce diversity. Feel free to look at the job opportunities below that are currently open. Please direct all inquiries to:
The Raymond Group, Human Resources Department
520 West Walnut Avenue, Orange, CA 92868

Or via email at:
[email protected]

The Insurance & Safety Specialist is primarily responsible for assisting the Safety Director and Insurance Program Manager with the implementation of Raymond’s Corporate Safety program, to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and promote safety consciousness through reports and training for employees.


  • Assist with the maintenance of the company-wide safety training database, safety auditing software and risk management systems.
  • Assist the Insurance Program Manager to ensure claims are managed in a timely and effective manner and that injured employees receive timely and appropriate medical treatment.
  • Assist in the investigation and documentation of incidents (i.e., near mishaps, injuries, illnesses, property damage, and environmental).
  • Assist the Insurance Program Manager in the process of annual insurance program renewal(s).
  • Assist the Insurance Program Manager in compiling accident/loss data used to advise management and supervisors on trends and the effectiveness of accident/loss prevention.
  • Perform insurance related duties and assignments as required.
  • Prepare and research safety needs and preparations for Foremen Safety Meetings, Safety Committee Meetings, Superintendent Meetings, Captive Meetings and various other meetings.
  • Assist with 300 Logs.
  • Maintain appropriate safety educational materials/supplies and inventory and order as necessary.
  • Perform other related duties and assignments as required.

Skills & Specifications

  • Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances governing Occupational Safety.
  • Experience with Workers’ Compensation and other insurance coverage required.
  • Must have intermediate to advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office Applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Must have high level of initiative, and ability to often work independently with minimal oversight.
  • Must be detail-oriented, organized, and action-oriented.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills required.
  • Needs a positive, conscientious attitude.
  • Possess a high degree of accuracy and feeling of ownership and pride in work product.
  • Data entry.

Education & Qualifications

  • Experience with OSHA regulations.
  • Knowledge of workers’ compensation laws and claims.
  • High School diploma or equivalent combination of technical training and/or construction related safety experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred; combination of experience and education will be considered.
  • Minimum 3 years construction/risk management experience.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.
  • Clean DMV driving record.

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The BIM CAD Detailer will work closely with the Project Manager and Job Captain to create production details for interior and exterior facades. The BIM CAD Detailer will have an experienced background in construction, framing and finishes and be proficient with Revit and 3D AutoCAD. The BIM CAD Detailer will coordinate areas of work with drawings from subcontractors and vendors to produce accurate and complete work within the standards developed by Raymond.


  • Create accurate and complete drawings with materials, finish dimensions, and construction methods.
  • Accurately incorporate various construction materials, including framing and drywall, into the work being drawn and built.
  • Provide information on drawings to direct and assist the field installers.
  • Work in a multi-user environment in both AutoCAD and Revit.
  • Perform all drafting work using Raymond’s Shop Drawing and AutoCAD/Revit Standards Manual.
  • Meet schedule dates as established by the Project Manager and the Job Captain.
  • Work collaboratively and with minimal supervision to find the most effective way to draw and convey the work.
  • Direct the activities of CAD Detailers.
  • Organize network files within the established guidelines.
  • Work independently to complete small projects.
  • Perform other related duties and assignments as required.

Skills & Specifications

  • Proficient with the latest version of 3D AutoCAD and Revit.
  • Work experience in construction framing and finishes including metal studs, drywall, and EIFS.
  • Work experience in designing and building themed environments.
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and stay flexible, while meeting deadlines and goals.
  • Possess a high degree of accuracy and feeling of ownership and pride in work product.
  • Must have the ability to work effectively in a collaborative, innovative and fast-paced setting.
  • Work with a positive, conscientious attitude.

Education & Qualifications

  • Minimum 5 years of experience with Revit.
  • Technical drawing degree or equivalent experience specializing in architecture and/or engineering with an emphasis on detail.
  • Experience with construction framing and finishes including metal studs, drywall, and EIFS.

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The primary objective of the Project Engineer is to engage in activities designed to improve overall production, planning and quality control relative to Raymond’s work, while ensuring that the customer’s satisfaction meets or exceed expectations.  The Project Engineer will assist in the management of assigned construction projects as directed by the Project Manager, Project Superintendents and/or Project Foremen.


  • Share in the responsibility ensuring that field operations on assigned projects occur with safety as the primary concern, including completion of bi-weekly jobsite safety inspections.
  • Aid Project Manager, Project Superintendent and/or Project Foremen in their activities in an effort to free critical management time allowing additional focus on production, planning, safety, quality control and other key profit/loss areas.
  • Assist the Project Manager with daily operations and coordinate a linkage and interface between field and office.
  • Primary work will be conducted on assigned jobsites and will report to office as-needed.
  • Participate and help with project start-up, including but not limited to:  project Organization, Submittals, Stocking Lists, jobsite Stocking Coordination, Budgeting, Vendor Buyout of Material and Subcontract Work, and Coordinate Drafting and Engineering.
  • Assistance to Project Superintendent and/or Project Foremen includes, but is not limited to:  Indoctrinate New Hires to Raymond (including new hire packages, safety orientation and other employment related forms), Prepare Weekly Timecards, Complete Daily Reports, Daily Safety Inspections, Coordinate Lay-Off Checks, Order and Receive Small Tools and Supplies, Order and Manage Equipment (lifts, scaffold, etc.), Receive Material from Vendors, Reconcile Receivers to Purchase Orders, Maintain Inventory of Small Tools and Supplies, Maintain Field Project Binders, Coordinate Pick-Up and Deliveries, Track Foremen Daily “To Do” Lists, Call for Required Inspections, Write T&M Tickets as Instructed and Coordinate Authorized Signatures, Maintain “Extra Ticket Log,” and, Issue Tools to Crew.
  • Support the Project Manager activities, including but not limited to:  Review and Respond to Requests for Information, Track and Log New Plan Sets and Ensure Current Information is Distributed Timely to Project Superintendent/Foreman, Help Price Changes to Scope of Work, Help Update Budgets, Help Order Materials, Help with On-Site Stocking Coordination and Material On-Hand Inventory, Help with Scheduling, Maintain Project Files, Manage Subcontractors, Update Weekly Progress Job Cost Reporting, Write and Log Requests For Information and Memos, Track Access Delay Report, Assist in Production Reporting, Take and Maintain Progress Photographs and Project Documentation (Claim Coordination), Maintain Project Jobsite Files, Computer Work, Track Back Ordered Material and Manage Lead-Times, Track Specialty Materials and Maintain and Set-Up Job Facilities and Related Support Systems.
  • Liaison between field, office management and general contractors.
  • Assure customer expectations are met or exceeded.
  • Participate in approved Project Engineer training sessions.
  • Travel as needed to project sites.
  • Perform other related duties and assignments as required.

Specialized Skills / Experience

  • MS Excel, Word, Auto CAD preferable.
  • Educational and experience preferences include:  4 year engineering degree or equivalent technical training and related experience. Advanced knowledge of construction engineering technology, codes, standards, etc., plus an in-depth understanding of the interdependence and relationship between other functional units required. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, plus demonstrated ability to manage a team of varied disciplines.  Registration as a Professional Engineer is valuable.


  • Successful completion of assigned projects through effective organization and coordination of job related tasks.
  • Successful job performance must also include increasing the amount of time available to Project Managers, Project Superintendents and/or Project Foremen to focus on field productivity issues.

Personal Development

  • Needs a positive, conscientious attitude
  • High degree of accuracy and feeling of ownership and pride in work product
  • Increase knowledge of project management and estimating (code requirements, industry practices, product development, software applications, etc.) through experience and appropriate industry seminars and educational sources.
  • Enhance knowledge of technical applications relevant to Raymond capabilities through appropriate/approved training sessions (i.e.: Computer and technology based field applications and product developments).
  • Develop management and sales skills through appropriate/approved courses and learning materials.

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The Project Manager/Estimator will effectively prepare budgets and estimated proposals through quantity surveying and detailed pricing for commercial construction projects consistent with Raymond’s target project definitions. These pricing efforts must result in securing a sufficient volume of work, with acceptable profit margins, to account for a proportionate share of the forecasted revenue volume in the desired market. To effectively complete assigned construction projects according to the applicable specifications and budgets. Effective completion of a job includes, but is not limited to, fully complying with Raymond’s contract responsibilities, achieving financial results that meet or improve upon budget constraints, while meeting or exceeding customer expectations.


  • Prepare conceptual estimating, budgeting and pricing, based upon organized, accurate and timely quantity surveys.
  • Maintains current knowledge base of material pricing and applicable code requirements.
    Properly performs due diligence to be informed about specific issues that may impact a job’s difficulty, such as tight jobsite logistics, additional protection required, extraordinary safety requirements, etc.
  • Effectively communicates in both written and oral form to all interested parties.
  • Lead and manage the effective delivery of construction services on assigned projects, including determination and allocation of necessary resources based upon cost estimates.
  • Ensure field operations on assigned projects occur with safety as primary concern, including completion of bi-weekly jobsite safety inspections.
  • Manage by planning and budgeting, organizing, controlling, and problem solving, to achieve or exceed the goals set for the project.
  • Responsible for all project coordination and schedule development.
  • Liaison between field, office management and general contractors.
  • Ensure all project standards and specifications are achieved.
  • Monitor and manage job cost and budget comparisons.
  • Generate, track and collect on change orders in a timely manner.
  • Monitor and assist with collection of accounts receivable as required to ensure timely payment.
  • Assure customer expectations are met or exceeded.
  • Effectively implement applicable quality control systems relative to specific job requirements.
  • Participate in project and contractual negotiations as required.
  • Participate in approved Project Manager and Estimating training sessions.
  • Participate in sales and estimating efforts where required to further Raymond’s industry profile and to generate revenue.
  • Assist with conceptual estimating, budgeting and pricing as required.


  • Price and secure sufficient volume of work, at profitable margins, to account for proportionate share of revenue projections in the target market.
  • Achieve and/or improve upon budget projections through start-up, execution and completion of assigned projects.

Personal Development

  • Increase knowledge of project management and estimating resources and developments (code requirements, industry practices, construction techniques, product development, etc.) through appropriate industry seminars and educational sources.
  • Enhance knowledge of technical applications relevant to Raymond’s capabilities through appropriate/approved training sessions (i.e.: Computer and technology based, field applications and product developments).
  • Develop management and sales skills through appropriate/approved courses and learning materials.

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The Estimator will effectively handle all aspects of the bid process from organization and clarification of bid documents (Plans, Schedules, Specifications, Requests for Proposal) to preparation of a written proposal. This process will involve accurate quantity surveys in a format that allows application of production rates to determine labor costs, estimated material costs and equipment costs. The Estimator must have the technical knowledge of building code standards and construction methods unique to our trades.

Quantity Survey Requirements

  • Organize bid documents consistent with Raymond Standards.
    Review plans and specifications for completeness and resolve ambiguities prior to submitting a proposal or clarify intent within the framework of our proposal.
  • Organize the quantity survey consistent with Raymond Standards that allow other estimators and project managers to readily understand the components of estimated costs.
  • Organize the quantity survey to meet the customers need for specific cost data by area or building component.
  • Provide accurate and complete quantity surveys in a format that facilitates application/identification of labor, material and equipment costs.

Estimating Assumptions Requirements

  • Understand labor production rates unique to our trades. Update this knowledge base by continual review of on-going or completed work. Work with project management to facilitate securing this information from job costs.
  • Understand scheduling, sequencing and safety issues that may impact costs.
  • Reasonably account for these issues in estimate.
  • Review manpower requirements and critical labor production rates with.
  • Operations Manager/General Superintendent prior to submitting proposal.
  • Secure quotations from material suppliers, subcontractors and consulting engineers that support estimated costs.
  • Understand building code issues unique to our trades. Insure that our estimate is in compliance with codes even if bid documents do not support this compliance.
  • Understand construction techniques that support the quality of our work required by the project.
  • Understand alternative construction materials or methods that may result in value-engineering of project to achieve a competitive advantage in price, quality or schedule.

Bid Processes Requirements

  • Facilitate the review of contractual issues with management during the bid process.
  • Facilitate the review of insurance requirements with consultants and/or insurance carriers during the bid process.
  • Effectively manage the bid process to provide a timely review and confirmation of estimating assumptions with others.
  • Provide a written proposal consistent with Raymond Standards and the needs of our Customer.
  • Be prepared to provide an effective verbal presentation of the proposal. Know the job, know the products and know how to build it.

Post Award Requirements

  • Upon contract award, verify that contract price, scope of work and conditions in Subcontract are consistent with final negotiated proposal.
  • Upon contract award, facilitate and manage the turnover meeting to Project Management.
  • Assist Project Management in the development of an effective Job Cost Budget.
  • Assist Project Management with material and subcontractor buyouts on an as needed basis.
  • Assist Project Management with Change-Orders on an as needed basis.
  • Be an active participant in monitoring the progress of the Project. Review the weekly Job Cost and participate in periodic site visits to confirm that construction complies with estimating assumptions.
  • Assist Project Management with all post-mortem reviews.

Other Objectives

  • Continue to investigate new products or equipment that enhance companies knowledge base and performance.
  • Maintain good communication/relationships with estimating staffs of our customers.
  • Participate in Quality Improvement initiatives as requested by Chief Estimator or Area Manager.
  • Continue to utilize advanced technologies that improve our bid processes and bid presentations to customers.
  • At all times perform as an effective Team Member to achieve the Company goals as to quality, profitability, safety, training and customer satisfaction.

The Estimator will have experience in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Quick Bid Estimating. This position should have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience working as a project manager or estimating assistant.

The Estimator will have completed a 4-year construction management and / or construction technology program or equivalent technical training and related experience.

Specialized Skill and Knowledge
The Estimator is required to have technical competence and advanced knowledge of construction methods to effectively plan, organize, coordinate, problem solve and make appropriate decisions related to the project specific costs. This position will need communication or interpersonal skills required to liaison between inter-company departments and customer.

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The duties of the Chief Estimator include: improve, monitor and control Raymond’s estimating capabilities in the relative market as well as bid, budget and secure work to achieve established sales volumes.  The Chief Estimator provides direction for all estimating activities in the profit center, providing technical and administrative direction to insure corporate objectives are met.


  • Review and evaluate proposed projects to determine whether appropriate to pursue on behalf of company in conjunction with area manager. Assist corporate and project management to determine what types of projects to bid, strategies, techniques, etc. Develop and submit bid request forms for all projects greater than $750 K.
  • Supervise bid/budget reviews to ensure accuracy, production feasibility, adherence to best in class qualification usage and maximization of profit.
  • Manage and administer department functions including operating budgets, staffing, wage reviews, work assignments, performance evaluations, interdisciplinary collaboration on major estimates etc.
  • Develop and implement quality control systems for estimating departments, including but not limited to, uniformity of pricing, production rates and estimating techniques.
  • Provide administrative and technical direction in negotiating contracts, change orders, etc. as required.
  • Participate in and ensure project hand-off procedures are completed on all required projects.
  • Evaluate staffing needs of location in conjunction with Area Manager and participate in recruiting and hiring process to address those needs.
  • Facilitate and participate in training and mentoring of area estimators in conjunction with Training Manager. Participate in the preparation of studies, materials and methods, including recommendations on products, Estimating software, code changes and estimating procedure as required to maintain skills improvement.
  • Assist with conceptual estimating, budgeting and pricing.
  • Supervise and facilitate updates of estimating software, databases, estimating manual and information sources as required (includes library/database of job cost and production analysis reports). Recommend appropriate improvements to estimating infrastructure as required.
  • Monitor capability of estimating staff through individual and departmental volume projections.
  • Actively engage in client development and enhancement of customer relations. Participate in presentations to other corporate managers and Clients. As member of corporate management team may be responsible for closing the “sale”.
  • Perform additional assignments per Operations manager or Area Vice President’s direction.

Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications, & Experience

  • Four year engineering degree or equivalent combinations of technical training and/or related experience.
  • Advanced management or technical training preferred.
  • Extensive (10 or more years) experience in similar facility construction estimating and related functions plus thorough knowledge of corporate objectives impacting estimating, estimating strategies and techniques, and construction contracts required.
  • Excellent organizational, supervisory, and decision making/problem solving skills essential.


  • Reports to VP/Area Manager.
  • Responsible for scope and quality of estimating department’s work. Has profit and loss responsibility, influencing corporate success or failure.
  • Meets or exceeds volume and profitability goals as defined in annual budgets.

Personal Development

  • Increase knowledge of estimating resources and developments (code requirements, industry practices, etc.) through appropriate industry seminars and educational sources.
  • Enhance knowledge of technical applications relevant to Raymond capabilities through appropriate/approved training sessions.
  • Develop management and sales skills through appropriate/approved courses and learning materials.

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