Drywall Systems

Raymond started its drywall business in 1968. With more than 50 years of experience, Raymond has the people, experience, systems and resources to complete jobs (big and small) and deliver quality that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations. Most notably, on the largest student housing project in the US, Raymond installed 7 million square feet (sf) of drywall. On another project, Raymond completed one wall that alone had more than 1.2 million square feet (sf) of drywall.


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15000 Aviation
Lawndale, California
MATT Construction
$ 1.5M
Bellagio Room Remodel
Las Vegas, Nevada
MGM Resort
$ 18.9M
Facebook Burlingame Point
Burlingame, California
Rudolph & Sletten
$ 12.7M
Google Pacific Shores
Redwood City, California
DPR Construction
$ 6.4M
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Hope on Hyde
Los Angeles, California
C.W. Driver
$ 3.4M
Legacy International Center
San Diego, California
Clark Construction
$ 11.9M
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Sharp Grossmont Hospital
La Mesa, California
Swinerton Builders
$ 4.2M
SoFi Stadium
Inglewood, California
Turner-Aecom-Hunt Joint Venture
$ 84M
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Southwestern College Performing Arts
Chula Vista, California
Rudolph & Sletten
$ 7M
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Tiffany & Co.
Costa Mesa, California
Hurst & Siebert, Inc.
$ 1.6M
Uber Mission Bay
San Francisco, California
Truebeck Construction
$ 11.8M
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UC Davis West Village Housing
Davis, California
CBG Building Co.
$ 45.2M
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UC Davis Orchard Park Housing
Davis, California
CBG Building Co.
$ 19.5M
WeWork Headquarters
San Francisco, California
Dome Construction
$ 4M
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