Division 10 Specialties

As a nationally recognized full-service, design-assist, specialty finish, and theming contractor, Raymond provides specialized scope services that complement our projects, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship, a lean approach, and dedicated service. Raymond offers comprehensive solutions for Division 10 specialty products and materials, prioritizing quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Division 10 in commercial construction encompasses specialty products and materials crucial for project completion but not classified under other standard divisions. This includes a wide range of items such as benches, bike storage solutions, fire extinguishers/fire extinguisher cabinets, ADA compliant items, hand dryers, lockers, mailboxes, medicine cabinets, shower compartments/enclosures, storage solutions, toilet accessories/partitions, vanity mirrors, wall protection products, and more.

With extensive experience in supplying and installing specialty products, Raymond ensures that they meet the design requirements and specifications of each project. We provide guidance on codes and regulations, delivering the right products and installations tailored to the finished project’s needs. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our expertise and customer-focused approach, ensures the successful integration of Division 10 specialties into your unique construction project.

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Division 10 Specialties Portfolio
8th & Figueroa
Los Angeles, California
Lend Lease, Inc.
$ $25.2M
Grand LA
Los Angeles, California
$ $19.4M
Hope & Hyde
Los Angeles, California
C.W. Driver
$ 3.2M
Redcar 1650 Euclid
Santa Monica, California
C.W. Driver
$ $650K
San Diego, California
Clark Construction
$ $3.1M
SoFi Stadium
Inglewood, California
Turner Aecom-Hunt Joint Venture
$ 84M
View case study
YouTube Theater
Inglewood, California
Turner Aecom-Hunt Joint Venture
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