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Tenant Improvement

Raymond has a dedicated Special Projects division that is committed to meeting the critical demands of tenant improvements. We have the expertise and experience to address fast-moving and intricate projects that often involve tight spaces and occupied facilities. With safety remaining a top priority, Raymond brings the same lean approach to tenant improvements as we do to every project; a commitment to maximizing value while minimizing resources. No matter the scale, we will go above and beyond to deliver a quality product that exceeds expectations.

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7 For All Mankind
Los Angeles, California
Shawmut Design & Construction
$ 70K
Getty Villa Collection
Pacific Palisades, California
Matt Construction
$ 300K
Hulu Headquarters
Santa Monica, California
Clune Construction
$ 1M
Island Hotel Aqua Lounge
Newport Beach, California
Cuesta Construction
$ 600K
Japan House Retail
Los Angeles, California
Howard Building Corporation
$ 1M
Louis Vuitton South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, California
Hurst & Siebert, Inc.
$ 700K
View case study
NFL Studio
Culver City, California
Matt Construction
$ 80K
Pala Wine Cave
Pala, California
Swinerton Builders
$ 330K
Panera Bread
San Diego, California
Manna Construction
$ 50K
The Post
Beverly Hills, California
Krismar Construction
$ 1.5M
View case study
Qantas Lounge at LAX
Los Angeles, California
Turner Construction
$ 2.3M
Regen Art Gallery
Los Angeles, California
Matt Construction
$ 900K
San Diego Zoo Mesa Bridge
San Diego, California
Zoological Society
$ 200K
View case study
Top of the Hyatt
San Diego, California
Reno Contracting
$ 85K
WeWork Montgomery Station
San Francisco, California
Dome Construction
$ 1.5M
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