Communication | Safety Week 2018

Posted May 8, 2018

***Throughout Safety Week 2018 (May 7-11), Raymond will be sharing many of our safety strategies and successes.

Yesterday we talked about Preplanning. Today we’ll discuss Step 2 – Communication.

Communication is vital in creating safety awareness and a safety culture. Raymond provides safety information to field employees frequently and encourages their thoughts and ideas as well. We want to be certain that our employees know what they need to do and know how to do their jobs safely. Our communication efforts are effective only when each employee is thinking safety and participating in our daily huddles. We also work to communicate and drive safety with our subcontractors and other contractors on the jobsite.

One way that Raymond communicates to field employees is through weekly Tailgate Topics. Tailgates cover important safety issues (like fall protection, heat illness, or silica hazards to name a few). They provide descriptions, reminders, and cautions. Foremen discuss these tailgates with their employees every week.

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