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Posted November 9, 2022

At Raymond, we have outstanding employees, so we decided to feature some of them on our blog. Our next Employee Spotlight features Jose Galvan, Project Manager for Raymond’s Orange region. Jose has been in the construction industry for seven years and with Raymond for five. He is currently on our Spotlight Casino project and finishing up work at Augustine Casino, both located in Coachella, California.

We sat down with Jose to learn more about him and his time at Raymond.

What brought you into the construction industry? My interest in Engineering and Architecture.

What do you think is the most interesting change happening in the construction industry today? The effects that the Covid-19 Pandemic is having on the industry.

Have there been any challenges on your current projects? Taking on new responsibilities — helping the Architect with design and further detailing of plans, estimating new scopes of work, and revising bulletin/drawings/plans.

How would you describe your career progression at Raymond? Rewarding. You put in a lot of time and effort into your job, and it’s nice to see when it is being noticed and acknowledged by upper management.

What’s the best thing about your job? Working with my friends. I have met some of my best friends here at Raymond.

What is the most challenging part of your job? Waking up in the morning. I am not a morning person😉

What do you like doing when you’re not at work? Playing baseball and softball, golfing, and traveling as much as possible. Pictured below: Jose and fellow Raymond employees celebrating a baseball championship.

What inspires you? The satisfaction you get when a project is complete and you see everything come together. The pride that you get when friends and family enjoy a project that you worked on.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? My dog, Hunter. She was 8 months old when we rescued her from an animal testing facility in San Diego. It has been such a rewarding process to see her come into her own personality and to see her act like a normal puppy and experience new things/places.

What is something most people are surprised to learn about you? That I enjoy reading, and that Ryan Bendas, Michael Rapstine, Gilbert Ortega (employees from Raymond’s Orange office) and myself started a book club.

Last book you read? I just read Project Hail Mary by my favorite author, Andy Weir. (I waited for the paperback version to come out because I’m not a fan of hard covers!)

How do you balance your career and your family? By trying not to take my work home with me. I think it’s important to make time to listen, spend time, and enjoy the company of your significant other and family.


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