Prefabricated Framing & Drywall

Posted October 15, 2019

The Raymond Group is leading the way in construction innovation by using prefabrication to increase efficiencies on jobsites. By manufacturing framing and drywall components offsite, projects can benefit from reduced costs, an increase in safety, and a greater ability to stay on or ahead of schedule.



Raymond’s prefabrication process begins in the design stage before any physical construction takes place. Utilizing the project drawings and our in‐house 3D modeling and BIM services, we look for areas of a project where framing and drywall prefabrication will improve coordination and increase project performance.

Then in our offsite locations, complete framing systems and gypsum board assemblies are manufactured to the specific requirements of the project. The framing and drywall pieces are stacked in the sequence of installation and secured for shipping to the job site.

At the project site, the stacks of framing and drywall are unloaded and transported to the areas where they will be installed. For multi‐story projects, the stacks are flown by crane to each level and stocked in their designated areas.

When on‐site crews walk into each room, they find all the prefabricated walls, ceilings, soffits, corners, and boards ready to go and numbered for easy install. They simply pull the material off the stacks piece by piece, set each one into its identified location, and secure it into place.

With the incorporation of prefabricated framing and drywall, projects can profit from safer, more organized site conditions, with reduced manpower, debris, and cost. The Raymond Group’s use of these innovative prefabrication techniques ultimately increases productivity and speed on construction sites, greatly benefitting the owner, general contractor, and other trades.


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