The Importance of Preplanning | Safety Week 2018

Posted May 7, 2018

***Throughout Safety Week 2018 (May 7-11), Raymond will be sharing many of our safety strategies and successes.

At Raymond, safety is a core value.  Ensuring that this value is a part of our workplace culture at each and every jobsite takes a daily commitment. How do we do it?

Step 1 – Preplanning

This is where lean construction comes into play. Finding the most efficient way to complete a project task is most often the safest. Using prefabrication, keeping a jobsite clean, and utilizing collaborative pull scheduling all reduce risk. If a phase is properly planned out, it should only have to be completed once. This benefits not only the project schedule and the bottom line, but the safety of the crew. Think twice and perform once!

  • With lean management in mind, Raymond has streamlined our safety program to make it easier to understand. Safety matrices have been developed for each trade so that safety information can be accessed more efficiently.

Learn more about the prefabrication strategies that help keep Raymond jobsites safe.


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