Great Wolf Lodge

Hotel Resort & Spa
  • LOCATION: Garden Grove, California
  • CLIENT: Turner Construction
  • ARCHITECT: Ware Malcomb
  • COMPLETED: 2016
  • RAYMOND SCOPE: Exterior Metal Stud Framing, Sheathing, EIFS


The Southern California Great Wolf Lodge is a 603-suite hotel resort that features a 105,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor water park. The new property is the first of its kind in California, offering hotel guests access to a variety of water attractions, dining, shopping, and hotel accommodations. Raymond completed the exterior stud framing and EIFS on the approximately $250 million development.

Raymond produced layout drawings to ensure that the required offsets between sheathing and foam joints was achieved. A mixture of 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’ sheathing was installed to achieve the proper offsets. To save time on the project schedule, Raymond pre-cut and pre-back wrapped the foam, while the framing and sheathing were being installed in the field. Dryvit’s Backstop DMS were used as both the drainage barrier and foam adhesive in one application. This product significantly accelerated the schedule by eliminating two separate move-ins to install the secondary barrier and then the foam.

As the design build contractor for the entire exterior envelope, Raymond produced shop drawings fully coordinated with the waterproofing consultant, architect, and other subcontractors that completed the design of the contract documents. The final shop drawings included waterproofing transition details between the EIFS and other finishes such as flashings, water slides, glazing, stone, roofing, building expansion joints, air conditioning units, louvers, and sunshades. The shop drawings also provided layout of reveals, expansion joints, foam thicknesses, high impact zones, and finish colors in the EIFS.

Quality control measures were implemented throughout the entire construction process, from framing through EIFS finish, by Raymond’s certified EIFS Mechanics and Industry Professionals to ensure the highest quality finished product.

Great Wolf Lodge received a 2016 Exterior Commercial Project of the Year Award by the Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association (WWCCA).

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