One Paseo

  • LOCATION: San Diego, California
  • CLIENT: Whiting-Turner
  • ARCHITECT: Gensler
  • COMPLETED: 2020
  • RAYMOND SCOPE: Spray Applied Fireproofing, Steel Stud Framing, Interior Drywall and Taping, Exterior EIFS, Exterior Cement Board and Batten


One Paseo is a mixed-use development located in Del Mar, California. The live-work-play environment consists of 23.6 acres of shopping, dining, luxury apartments, and high-performance office space.

The project included two office buildings, with Building-1 being four floors and Building-2 being six floors, each with a lower level. The exterior of both buildings consisted of mostly glass and metal panels, with some EIFS and cement board and batten assemblies matching the adjacent One Paseo shopping/dining facilities. Also adjacent to the new office buildings is a large, newly built apartment complex.

One Paseo was a core and shell project for Raymond consisting of the exterior and interior stairs, bathrooms, MEP rooms, fire control room, and corridors.


Spray applied fireproofing was performed on both buildings: Building-1 was 1-hour rated, sprayed with MK-6, and Building-2 was 2-hour rated and sprayed with MK-10. The Interior consisted of steel stud framing at the core and shell areas, demising walls, ceiling in the bathrooms, and stairways, with shaftwall framing at the elevators.

With Building-2 over 75’, per the CBC Code 403 section of building code, the stairs and elevator shafts had to be constructed of two layers of 5/8” type X Impact Board. The plans called out for the application of 3/8” thick blackened steel trims and wall panels. For these trims, 3/8” thick steel strips were purchased, welded together, and sent out to be sandblasted. A blackened iron paint treatment was then applied at a specialized treatment company. These 3/8” trims encased the Nass Fresco decorative plaster, and was installed at the elevator lobbies of both buildings on Level 1 and lower level.

At some areas, structural steel that needed to be sprayed did not allow drywall to carry through with two-layer walls due to the thickness of fireproofing required. To get just a single layer of drywall applied, intumescent coating was used in lieu of the fireproofing thickness required, maintaining the wall and fireproofing ratings.

Both buildings had an eyebrow with framing, glass-mat board and metal panels at the roof line. Instead of building scaffolding from the ground up, a cantilevered scaffolding was suspended from the roof, allowing the glass to start being installed from the ground up while the eyebrow work was completed, helping to dry in the buildings sooner. With the locations of the walls and beams above, a lot of lath baskets were built to bridge the gaps between the walls and beams. The architect had an entire page in the drawings of details for the use of lath baskets for areas where the back side of steel could not be reached.

To maintain One Paseo’s aggressive project schedule, Raymond set up two fireproofing machines. The project had a small footprint with minimal laydown area, requiring a lot of coordination to keep material arriving at the correct time and assuring that all material would be on hand. Shaftwalls for elevators and MEP trades were a priority from the beginning of the job and, despite last minute added steel, Raymond was able to maintain the project schedule.

Building 1: MK-6 and MK-6 Extended Set, Accelerator – 2525 Bags
Building 2: MK-10 and MK-10 Extended Set, Accelerator – 8400 bags

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