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Posted May 18, 2020

Technology in the construction industry is advancing rapidly and it is changing the way we build. Increased use of technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and prefabrication are making projects smarter, safer, and more interconnected than ever before. In the field, technology is opening up new career opportunities for skilled tradesman.
  • Increased use of 3D modeling on construction sites allows everyone involved access to the same information, in real time, limiting trade clashes and making projects more productive. Raymond achieves this collaboration with the use of an in-house Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) team. The VDC team facilitates projects through value engineering and complex 3D and BIM modeling. Learn More.
  • At Raymond, we are committed to building as safely and streamlined as possible. To that end, Raymond has invested in a number of prefabrication technologies that offer a higher quality product and radically fewer workers on site, allowing for efficiency and social distancing for all trades. Learn More.


Raymond Innovation
At Raymond, we push the envelope in technology and innovation to help our customers complete jobs more efficiently. Some of the technological innovations that we are using now are opening the door for building in a whole new way. [embed][/embed] On current ...
Construction Inclusion Week 2023
Raymond welcomes you to Construction Inclusion Week 2023! Construction Inclusion Week aims to improve diversity and inclusion in the construction industry by creating alignment amongst our people and our industry partners on the importance of diversity and inclusion. "If we genuinely want to ...

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