Training & Development

Posted June 10, 2020

At Raymond, investing in our employees is part of our ongoing commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Those who join the trades benefit not only from Raymond’s professional development opportunities, but also from formalized training programs through the union. Unions offer training that ranges from hands-on experiences to courses in leadership management. Such training allows everyone (from those just entering the wall and ceiling industry to experienced foremen) the opportunity to advance their skillsets and have a rewarding career.


Safety at Raymond
At Raymond, safety is a core value. We work hard to cement this value in our culture by investing in new technologies, responding quickly to risks and requirements, investing in our employees, and employing experienced workers. As a union contractor, our employees benefit from thorough training ...
On Vine
On Vine is a 3.5-acre development that stretches a full city block in Hollywood, California. Included are four commercial buildings and one, 20-story, residential high-rise. Raymond was contracted by Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company to work on 280,000+ square feet of the commercial core and ...

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